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We wish to be an excellent company and we work on it permanently. MIDAN Sales made a commitment to propose products and services of high quality to their customers. Furthermore, our efforts go beyond the offer of products and outstanding services to those who need it. MIDAN Sales lead researches and participates in many initiatives to develop constantly its business sector. MIDAN Sales integrate a growth strategy due to the innovation, the continuation of an efficiency of exploitation and the capacity building of association and of organization. MIDAN Sales look for constantly to develop technologies and produced which will have more important impacts on the growth of sales.


MIDAN Sales has been established since January 2012 and is managed by its founder, Michel Lepine.


Michel Lepine's career spans 15 years as a sucessful National Sales manager for companies such as: Globe-Electric, Chocolat Vadeboncoeur and Kerr Brothers.


Combining Knowledge and expertise, with an impressive network of contacts, allows us to choose the best business partners & align ourselves to quality suppliers.









       Walmart Vendor of The Year 2010